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AccuteXAU860i20062006 AccuteX AU860i AccuteX CNC15766EDM - WIRE, CNC
AmadaHA-250 W20082008 Amada HA-250 W 15111SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL
Amera-SeikiVT-1600 R ATC20152015 Amera-Seiki VT-1600 R ATC Fanuc OiTD11894BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATC
American PacemakerHeavy Duty19691969 American Pacemaker Heavy Duty 15767LATHES, ENGINE
AncaTX-720032003 Anca TX-7 Anca System 3DX14725GRINDERS, TOOL and CUTTER, NC-CNC
AncaTX-7 Plus20042004 Anca TX-7 Plus Anca 5DX14724GRINDERS, TOOL and CUTTER, NC-CNC
AncaTX-7 Plus20052005 Anca TX-7 Plus 14706GRINDERS, TOOL and CUTTER, NC-CNC
BehringerHBP-530A19991999 Behringer HBP-530A 14635SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL
BehringerHBP-650 A19971997 Behringer HBP-650 A Behringer BT-2014974SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL
Berthiez934019611961 Berthiez 9340 14756BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
Binns and BerrySBGL Data-100020022002 Binns and Berry SBGL Data-1000 Fanuc 18iTA15440LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
BirlikALF-360 Carbider NC20082008 Birlik ALF-360 Carbider NC Birlik14273SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL
Blanchard18C19621962 Blanchard 18C 12868GRINDERS, SURFACE, ROTARY TYPE, VERT. SPDL
Blanchard22AK-4219841984 Blanchard 22AK-42 13811GRINDERS, SURFACE, ROTARY TYPE, VERT. SPDL
BridgeportTorq-Cut 319981998 Bridgeport Torq-Cut 3 Centroid M 40015103MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
BridgeportTorq-Cut 3019981998 Bridgeport Torq-Cut 30 Bridgeport DX-3215607MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
Bridgeport-RomiEz-Path19971997 Bridgeport-Romi Ez-Path Bridgeport Ez Path15624LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
BroadbentBL16HSK19821982 Broadbent BL16HSK 15719LATHES, ENGINE
BrotherTC-32A20002000 Brother TC-32A Brother CNC AOO14274DRILLING and TAPPING MACHINES CNC
BrotherTC-32A20032003 Brother TC-32A Brother CNC AOO14110DRILLING and TAPPING MACHINES CNC
Bullard36" Cutmaster19531953 Bullard 36" Cutmaster 14253BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
Bullard36" Cutmaster 7519581958 Bullard 36" Cutmaster 75 14336BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
Bullard42" Cutmaster19501950 Bullard 42" Cutmaster 15864BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
Bullard42" Cutmaster19511951 Bullard 42" Cutmaster 15967BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
Bullard42" Cutmaster19531953 Bullard 42" Cutmaster 15973BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
Bullard46" Dynatrol19801980 Bullard 46" Dynatrol 14051BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
Bullard46" Dyn-Au-Tape19801980 Bullard 46" Dyn-Au-Tape Yasnac13130BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC
Bullard56" Dynatrol  Bullard 56" Dynatrol Fanuc 11TT12551BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC
Butfering113 E19971997 Butfering 113 E 13577GRINDERS, BELT
ChipBlasterJV8-100020052005 ChipBlaster JV8-1000 15004COOLANT PUMP SYSTEM
Cincinnati110-OBS19961996 Cincinnati 110-OBS Cincinnati15818PRESSES, GAP FRAME, SINGLE CRANK
Cincinnati20V-1201989/20071989/2007 Cincinnati 20V-120 Centroid M 4009203MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
Cincinnati20V-801985/061985/06 Cincinnati 20V-80 Centroid M 4009204MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
CincinnatiEA  Cincinnati EA 13225GRINDERS, CYLINDRICAL, PLAIN
CincinnatiFTV 640-250020042004 Cincinnati FTV 640-2500 Fanuc 18iMB14688MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
CincinnatiLancer 125019981998 Cincinnati Lancer 1250 Acramatic 210015921MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
Cincinnati-Bickford2E-32619651965 Cincinnati-Bickford 2E-326 13224DRILLS, RADIAL
Cincinnati-Gilbert480" x 50"19841984 Cincinnati-Gilbert 480" x 50" GE 200012569BORING MILLS, HORIZ, FLOOR TYPE CNC and NC
Citizen-CincomK-16 VII P20082008 Citizen-Cincom K-16 VII P Cincom System L15977AUTO SCREW MACHINES, SWISS, CNC-MILL and SUB SPDL
Clausing MetosaC1340S20062006 Clausing Metosa C1340S 14124LATHES, ENGINE
Clausing-Atlas4BVS CNC 4019991999 Clausing-Atlas 4BVS CNC 40 Fagor 8040 M12817MILLERS, VERT-UNIVERSAL NC and CNC
Clausing-Colchester30" x 120"19851985 Clausing-Colchester 30" x 120" 15907LATHES, ENGINE
Clausing-KondiaFV-119981998 Clausing-Kondia FV-1 Proto Trak MX-213680MILLERS, VERT-UNIVERSAL NC and CNC
Cognex5000 Vision System  Cognex 5000 Vision System 11755MEASURING MACHINES
DaewooAce-50S19951995 Daewoo Ace-50S Fanuc 15M14085MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
DaewooDMV-3016 D20042004 Daewoo DMV-3016 D Fanuc I15565MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
DaewooDMV-50019991999 Daewoo DMV-500 Mitsubishi Meldas 6415554MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
DaewooDMV-650 / 5019981998 Daewoo DMV-650 / 50 Fanuc 18MC11396MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
DaewooPuma-12LC19951995 Daewoo Puma-12LC Fanuc OTC15174LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DaewooPuma-250 B19971997 Daewoo Puma-250 B Mitsubishi 520L14281LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DaewooPuma-2500 LY20062006 Daewoo Puma-2500 LY Fanuc 18iTB15479LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
DaewooPuma-2500 SY20042004 Daewoo Puma-2500 SY Fanuc 18iTB15321LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
DaewooPuma-2500 SY20052005 Daewoo Puma-2500 SY Fanuc 18iT15805LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
DaewooPuma-450 B19971997 Daewoo Puma-450 B Fanuc 18T14822LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DaewooPuma-8HC19951995 Daewoo Puma-8HC Fanuc OT15543LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Dah LihMCV-150019981998 Dah Lih MCV-1500 Fanuc 18M12911MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
DainichiDLX-75A19941994 Dainichi DLX-75A Fanuc 20TA13524LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Deckel-MahoDMU-125P duoBLOCK20142014 Deckel-Maho DMU-125P duoBLOCK Siemens 840D15937MILLERS, VERT. and HORIZ., NC and CNC
Deckel-MahoDMU-80 Monoblock20062006 Deckel-Maho DMU-80 Monoblock Heidenhain iTNC 53014243MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
DeVlieg54K-9619711971 DeVlieg 54K-96 14158BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE
DMG Deckel-MahoDMC-160 U DuoBLOCK20072007 DMG Deckel-Maho DMC-160 U DuoBLOCK Siemens 840D15845MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS
DMG Deckel-MahoDMU-100 monoBLOCK20112011 DMG Deckel-Maho DMU-100 monoBLOCK Heidenhain ITNC-43015843MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
DMG Mori1035V Ecoline20132013 DMG Mori 1035V Ecoline Mori-Seiki M730 BM15919MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
DMG MoriNHX-4000 - 4020132013 DMG Mori NHX-4000 - 40 Mitsubishi M730BM15850MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
DMG MoriNHX-4000 - 4020132013 DMG Mori NHX-4000 - 40 DMG Mori Celos15853MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
DMG MoriNLX-2000 SY20172017 DMG Mori NLX-2000 SY Mori-Seiki Celos15978LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
DMG MoriNLX-2000 SY - 50020142014 DMG Mori NLX-2000 SY - 500 Mori-Seiki M-730 BM15854LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
DMG Mori-SeikiGildemeister Sprint 2020112011 DMG Mori-Seiki Gildemeister Sprint 20 Fanuc 310iA14294AUTO SCREW MACHINES, SWISS, CNC-MILL and SUB SPDL
DoosanDBC-110S20122012 Doosan DBC-110S Fanuc 31iA15636BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
DoosanDBC-130 L20092009 Doosan DBC-130 L Fanuc 32iA15619BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
DoosanDBC-130 L II20142014 Doosan DBC-130 L II Fanuc 31iB15639BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
DoosanDMV-3016 L20052005 Doosan DMV-3016 L Fanuc 0iMB15546MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
DoosanDMV-3016 LD20072007 Doosan DMV-3016 LD Fanuc 0iMC15542MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
DoosanDNM-50020122012 Doosan DNM-500 Fanuc Oi-MD15980MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
DoosanDNM-50020152015 Doosan DNM-500 Fanuc Oi-MD15975MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
DoosanHM-500020122012 Doosan HM-5000 Fanuc 31i A15000MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
DoosanHP-400020082008 Doosan HP-4000 Fanuc 18iMB15687MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
DoosanHP-4000 II20152015 Doosan HP-4000 II Fanuc 31iMB15776MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
DoosanHP-510020102010 Doosan HP-5100 Fanuc 31iMA15580MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
DoosanHP-510020102010 Doosan HP-5100 Fanuc 31iB15941MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
DoosanLynx-220 A20142014 Doosan Lynx-220 A Fanuc 0iTC15441LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DoosanLynx-220 LM20122012 Doosan Lynx-220 LM Fanuc OiTD15498LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
DoosanLynx-300M20112011 Doosan Lynx-300M Fanuc OiT15499LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
DoosanMV-402020072007 Doosan MV-4020 Fanuc 21iMB15568MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
DoosanMynx-6500 - 5020132013 Doosan Mynx-6500 - 50 Fanuc I15862MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
DoosanNHM-500020152015 Doosan NHM-5000 Fanuc 31iB15970MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
DoosanNHM-630020142014 Doosan NHM-6300 Fanuc 31iB15868MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
DoosanPuma-2000 SY20082008 Doosan Puma-2000 SY Fanuc 18iTB15276LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
DoosanPuma-2500 LSY20072007 Doosan Puma-2500 LSY Fanuc 18iTB15813LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
DoosanPuma-3100 L20112011 Doosan Puma-3100 L Fanuc OiTD14292LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DoosanPuma-400 B20122012 Doosan Puma-400 B Doosan Fanuc i15926LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DoosanPuma-400 C20122012 Doosan Puma-400 C Fanuc 32iTA14748LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DoosanPuma-400 LB20082008 Doosan Puma-400 LB Fanuc OiTC14575LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DoosanPuma-400 LB20082008 Doosan Puma-400 LB Fanuc OiTC15800LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DoosanPuma-400 LC20092009 Doosan Puma-400 LC Fanuc 32iA14956LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DoosanPuma-400 LC20132013 Doosan Puma-400 LC Fanuc iA15786LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DoosanPuma-400 MB20072007 Doosan Puma-400 MB Fanuc 21iT15787LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
DoosanPuma-480 LD20122012 Doosan Puma-480 LD Fanuc i15097LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DoosanPuma-480 XL20152015 Doosan Puma-480 XL Fanuc 32iA15886LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DoosanPuma-600 LM20132013 Doosan Puma-600 LM Fanuc 31iT15651LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
DoosanPuma-TT-1800 SY20132013 Doosan Puma-TT-1800 SY Fanuc 31iTA15831LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
DoosanPuma-TT-2000 SY20062006 Doosan Puma-TT-2000 SY Fanuc 18iTB15799LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
DoosanPuma-TT-2500 MSY20052005 Doosan Puma-TT-2500 MSY Fanuc 18iTB15592LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
DoosanS280N20032003 Doosan S280N Fanuc18TB14462LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
DoosanS310 SML20012001 Doosan S310 SML Fanuc 18T14173LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
DoosanV-740 M20062006 Doosan V-740 M Fanuc OiTB15874BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC
DoosanV850 M20052005 Doosan V850 M Fanuc 21iTB14498BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC
DoosanVT-110020112011 Doosan VT-1100 Fanuc 32iA14824BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC
Edge TechnologiesMinuteman 32020132013 Edge Technologies Minuteman 320 15583BAR LOADER-MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC and MECHANICAL
EppingerHaas Live Tool Holders20102010 Eppinger Haas Live Tool Holders 14657MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS
FadalVMC-1519961996 Fadal VMC-15 Fadal 88HS15663MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
FadalVMC-15 XT19951995 Fadal VMC-15 XT Fadal 88HS13650MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
FadalVMC-2016L20022002 Fadal VMC-2016L Fadal 32MP CNC15660MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
FadalVMC-402019971997 Fadal VMC-4020 Fadal 88HS15927MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
FadalVMC-4020 HT20012001 Fadal VMC-4020 HT Fadal 88HS15101MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
FadalVMC-4525 HT20022002 Fadal VMC-4525 HT Fadal 32MP CNC14758MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
FadalVMC-6535 HT20052005 Fadal VMC-6535 HT Fanuc iM15783MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
FanucRoboCut OiD20082008 Fanuc RoboCut OiD Fanuc 310is-WA15113EDM - WIRE, CNC
FanucRobodrill A-T14iFa20112011 Fanuc Robodrill A-T14iFa Fanuc 31i B514214DRILLING and TAPPING MACHINES CNC
FanucRobodrill A-T21iDL20032003 Fanuc Robodrill A-T21iDL Fanuc 16iMB15675DRILLING and TAPPING MACHINES CNC
Flow InternationalIFB-601220072007 Flow International IFB-6012 Flowmaster PC Based Controller15606WATER JET CUTTING, CNC
Giddings and Lewis70-D5-T19661966 Giddings and Lewis 70-D5-T 14593BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE
Giddings and Lewis70-D5-T19671967 Giddings and Lewis 70-D5-T 14579BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE
Giddings and Lewis70-G5-T19671967 Giddings and Lewis 70-G5-T 15935BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE
Giddings and LewisModel 2819671967 Giddings and Lewis Model 28 10182DRILLS, HEAVY DUTY and SENSITIVE, SGL. VERT. SPDL.
Giddings and LewisPC-5019821982 Giddings and Lewis PC-50 Giddings & Lewis 80011662BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
Giddings and LewisSeries 512 - 8001983-20041983-2004 Giddings and Lewis Series 512 - 800 Giddings & Lewis 8000L14991BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC
HaasDT-120122012 Haas DT-1 Haas Control15696MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasDT-120142014 Haas DT-1 Haas Control15976MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasEC-160020122012 Haas EC-1600 Haas Control15963MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
HaasEC-40020062006 Haas EC-400 Haas Control15707MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
HaasEC-40020102010 Haas EC-400 Haas Control15625MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
HaasHL-219961996 Haas HL-2 Haas Control15664LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasHRT-21019961996 Haas HRT-210 15047TABLES, ROTARY
HaasHRT-21019971997 Haas HRT-210 15647TABLES, ROTARY
HaasHRT-21020022002 Haas HRT-210 15840TABLES, ROTARY
HaasHRT-310199?199? Haas HRT-310 15405TABLES, ROTARY
HaasHRT-31020042004 Haas HRT-310 15599TABLES, ROTARY
HaasHRT-31020142014 Haas HRT-310 15880TABLES, ROTARY
HaasMDC-50020052005 Haas MDC-500 Haas Control15117DRILLING and TAPPING MACHINES CNC
HaasMDC-50020082008 Haas MDC-500 Haas Control15478DRILLING and TAPPING MACHINES CNC
HaasMini-Lathe20012001 Haas Mini-Lathe Haas Control14601LATHES, CNC, GANG STYLE
HaasMini-Mill20072007 Haas Mini-Mill Haas Control15662MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasServo Bar 30020012001 Haas Servo Bar 300 15710BAR LOADER-MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC and MECHANICAL
HaasServo Bar 30020132013 Haas Servo Bar 300 15713BAR LOADER-MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC and MECHANICAL
HaasServo Bar 30020152015 Haas Servo Bar 300 15712BAR LOADER-MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC and MECHANICAL
HaasSL-1020032003 Haas SL-10 Haas Control15595LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER
HaasSL-1020042004 Haas SL-10 Haas Control15589LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER
HaasSL-10T Tailstock20072007 Haas SL-10T Tailstock 14055MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS
HaasSL-10T Tailstock20072007 Haas SL-10T Tailstock 14056MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS
HaasSL-20 TM20072007 Haas SL-20 TM Haas Control15929LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
HaasSL-20T20042004 Haas SL-20T Haas Control15586LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-3020062006 Haas SL-30 Haas Control15613LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER
HaasSL-30 M BB20082008 Haas SL-30 M BB Haas Control15203LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, CHUCKER W-MILLING
HaasSL-30T19991999 Haas SL-30T Haas Control15463LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-30T20012001 Haas SL-30T Haas Control14211LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-30T20022002 Haas SL-30T Haas Control15700LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-30T20052005 Haas SL-30T Haas Control15242LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-30T20052005 Haas SL-30T Haas Control15407LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-30T20062006 Haas SL-30T Haas Control15744LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-30T20082008 Haas SL-30T Haas Control15083LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-30T BB20072007 Haas SL-30T BB Haas Control15614LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-30T BB20072007 Haas SL-30T BB Haas Control15961LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-30TL BB20082008 Haas SL-30TL BB Haas Control15387LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-40T20032003 Haas SL-40T Haas Control15303LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-40T20082008 Haas SL-40T Haas Control15264LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-40T20082008 Haas SL-40T Haas Control15320LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-40T20082008 Haas SL-40T Haas Control15612LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-40T20082008 Haas SL-40T Haas Control15635LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-40T BB20012001 Haas SL-40T BB Haas Control13681LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-40T BB20052005 Haas SL-40T BB Haas Control15243LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-40TL BB20052005 Haas SL-40TL BB Haas Control15908LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSL-40TL BB20072007 Haas SL-40TL BB Haas Control14990LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-1020132013 Haas ST-10 Haas Control15537LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER
HaasST-10 M20142014 Haas ST-10 M Haas Control15511LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, CHUCKER W-MILLING
HaasST-10T20122012 Haas ST-10T Haas Control15342LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-10T20142014 Haas ST-10T Haas Control15928LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-10T20152015 Haas ST-10T Haas Control15610LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-10T Y20162016 Haas ST-10T Y Haas Control15841LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
HaasST-2020132013 Haas ST-20 Haas Control15782LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER
HaasST-20 M20102010 Haas ST-20 M Haas Control15877LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, CHUCKER W-MILLING
HaasST-20T20102010 Haas ST-20T Haas Control15955LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-30 M20122012 Haas ST-30 M Haas Control15910LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, CHUCKER W-MILLING
HaasST-30 SSY20132013 Haas ST-30 SSY Haas Control15310LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
HaasST-30T20102010 Haas ST-30T Haas Control15943LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-30T20112011 Haas ST-30T Haas Control15587LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-30T20112011 Haas ST-30T Haas Control15835LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-30T20122012 Haas ST-30T Haas Control15883LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-30T20122012 Haas ST-30T Haas Control15960LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-30T20132013 Haas ST-30T Haas Control15708LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-30T20152015 Haas ST-30T Haas Control15597LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-30T BB20112011 Haas ST-30T BB Haas Control15652LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-30T BB20122012 Haas ST-30T BB Haas Control15346LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-30T BB20122012 Haas ST-30T BB Haas Control15947LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-40 BB20132013 Haas ST-40 BB Haas Control14692LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER
HaasST-40 TM BB20132013 Haas ST-40 TM BB Haas Control15600LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
HaasST-40T20122012 Haas ST-40T Haas Control15357LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-40T M BB20122012 Haas ST-40T M BB Haas Control14711LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
HaasST-40TL20122012 Haas ST-40TL Haas Control14950LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasST-40TL BB20122012 Haas ST-40TL BB Haas Control15815LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasSTR-16020052005 Haas STR-160 15397TABLES, ROTARY
HaasSuper Mini-Mill20052005 Haas Super Mini-Mill Haas Control15282MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasTL-1520052005 Haas TL-15 Haas Control14928LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, W-SUB-SPINDLE
HaasTL-1520082008 Haas TL-15 Haas Control14605LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, W-SUB-SPINDLE
HaasTL-2520052005 Haas TL-25 Haas Control15938LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
HaasTL-3B20122012 Haas TL-3B Haas Control14964LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasTL-3B20132013 Haas TL-3B Haas Control15369LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasTL-420072007 Haas TL-4 Haas Control15275LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HaasTM-120062006 Haas TM-1 Haas Control15866MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasTM-120122012 Haas TM-1 Haas Control15725MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasTM-2P20122012 Haas TM-2P Haas Control15716MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasTR-210H20082008 Haas TR-210H 15890TABLES, ROTARY
HaasTRT-160 5XB20092009 Haas TRT-160 5XB 15585TABLES, ROTARY
HaasVF-10-5020112011 Haas VF-10-50 Haas Control15956MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-219971997 Haas VF-2 Haas Control15705MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-219981998 Haas VF-2 Haas Control15394MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-219991999 Haas VF-2 Haas Control15428MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-220122012 Haas VF-2 Haas Control15922MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-220132013 Haas VF-2 Haas Control15689MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-220142014 Haas VF-2 Haas Control15946MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-2 SS20142014 Haas VF-2 SS Haas Control15842MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-319981998 Haas VF-3 Haas Control14827MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-319991999 Haas VF-3 Haas Control15424MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-320002000 Haas VF-3 Haas Control15762MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-320032003 Haas VF-3 Haas Control15965MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-320112011 Haas VF-3 Haas Control15942MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-3 SS20082008 Haas VF-3 SS Haas Control15659MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-3 YT - 4020122012 Haas VF-3 YT - 40 Haas Control15901MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-3 YT - 5020072007 Haas VF-3 YT - 50 Haas Control15984MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-3 YT - 5020072007 Haas VF-3 YT - 50 Haas Control15986MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-3 YT - 5020092009 Haas VF-3 YT - 50 Haas Control15634MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-3 YT - 5020112011 Haas VF-3 YT - 50 Haas Control15985MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS
HaasVF-420012001 Haas VF-4 Haas Control15143MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-420042004 Haas VF-4 Haas Control15954MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-4 SS20112011 Haas VF-4 SS Haas Control15930MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-4 SS20142014 Haas VF-4 SS Haas Control15987MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-5-4020052005 Haas VF-5-40 Haas Control15968MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-5-4020112011 Haas VF-5-40 Haas Control15529MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-5-4020152015 Haas VF-5-40 Haas Control15791MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-5-40 XT20162016 Haas VF-5-40 XT Haas Control15884MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-5-5020002000 Haas VF-5-50 Haas Control15964MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-6-4019981998 Haas VF-6-40 Haas Control15107MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-6-4020012001 Haas VF-6-40 Haas Control15458MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-6-4020022002 Haas VF-6-40 Haas Control14825MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-6-4020042004 Haas VF-6-40 Haas Control15784MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-6-4020092009 Haas VF-6-40 Haas Control15909MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-6-4020122012 Haas VF-6-40 Haas Control15885MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-6-50 TR20032003 Haas VF-6-50 TR Haas Control15891MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-7-5020102010 Haas VF-7-50 Haas Control15709MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-E19971997 Haas VF-E Haas Control15538MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-O19951995 Haas VF-O Haas Control14930MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-OE19971997 Haas VF-OE Haas Control15026MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVF-OE20002000 Haas VF-OE Haas Control15517MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HaasVM-320122012 Haas VM-3 Haas Control15741MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HardingeConquest T-42 SP19911991 Hardinge Conquest T-42 SP Fanuc OTC14067LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HardingeConquest TT-65 MC20002000 Hardinge Conquest TT-65 MC Fanuc 18iT13572LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
HardingeElite 51 MS20082008 Hardinge Elite 51 MS Fanuc 18iTB15681LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
HardingeHLV-H19901990 Hardinge HLV-H 15096LATHES, SECOND OPERATION
HardingeQuest 6-42 SP20062006 Hardinge Quest 6-42 SP Fanuc 160iT15420LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
HardingeVMC-80020002000 Hardinge VMC-800 Fanuc OMD15608MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HarrisonM500  Harrison M500 14768LATHES, ENGINE
Hitachi-Seiki5NE 110019821982 Hitachi-Seiki 5NE 1100 Fanuc 6TB15876LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Hitachi-Seiki7NF-110019841984 Hitachi-Seiki 7NF-1100 Fanuc 6T14920LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Hitachi-SeikiHi-Cell 23 II19981998 Hitachi-Seiki Hi-Cell 23 II Seicos 18T14612LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
Hitachi-SeikiTS-1519981998 Hitachi-Seiki TS-15 Seicos Multi15561LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Hitachi-SeikiVM-40 III19961996 Hitachi-Seiki VM-40 III Seicos A10M14613MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS
HNKNT-16-2020072007 HNK NT-16-20 Fanuc 18TC15412BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATC
HurcoBMC-4020 HT19981998 Hurco BMC-4020 HT Ultramax SSM15751MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HurcoKMB-119821982 Hurco KMB-1 Hurco15899MILLERS, KNEE, NC and CNC
HurcoVM-120062006 Hurco VM-1 Ultramax Max 3215646MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HurcoVMX-60 U2009-20112009-2011 Hurco VMX-60 U WinMax15861MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
HwacheonHi-Eco 4519991999 Hwacheon Hi-Eco 45 Fanuc 18T14583LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HwacheonHi-Tech 30020112011 Hwacheon Hi-Tech 300 Fanuc OiTB15494LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
HwacheonHi-Tech 350 YMC20152015 Hwacheon Hi-Tech 350 YMC Fanuc OiTD15560LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
HwacheonHi-Tech 550A20082008 Hwacheon Hi-Tech 550A Fanuc 18iTB12949LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Hyd-MechS-20A20022002 Hyd-Mech S-20A 15896SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL
HyundaiHiT-46020012001 Hyundai HiT-460 Fanuc 18iT14161LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Hyundai-KiaSKT-21 L20052005 Hyundai-Kia SKT-21 L Fanuc OiTC13728LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Hyundai-KiaSKT-21 LMS20072007 Hyundai-Kia SKT-21 LMS Fanuc OiTC15895LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
Hyundai-WiaE160 LMA20142014 Hyundai-Wia E160 LMA Fanuc I15925LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
Hyundai-WiaL800A20132013 Hyundai-Wia L800A Fanuc 32iA14160LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Hyundai-WiaLM-1800 TTSY20142014 Hyundai-Wia LM-1800 TTSY Fanuc 31i A515962LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
Hyundai-WiaLV-1100 R20142014 Hyundai-Wia LV-1100 R Fanuc 32iA15124BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATC
Hyundai-WiaLV-140020132013 Hyundai-Wia LV-1400 Fanuc OiTD13437BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC
Hyundai-WiaLV-500 L20122012 Hyundai-Wia LV-500 L Fanuc 32iA15434BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC
J.F. BernsBar Champ 76-JB-320122012 J.F. Berns Bar Champ 76-JB-3 15211CHAMFERING MACHINES
JackmillJMC-1000 AGC19851985 Jackmill JMC-1000 AGC 15325GRINDERS, CYLINDRICAL, PLAIN
JohnfordSL-500 A20152015 Johnford SL-500 A Fanuc OiTC15367LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
JohnfordSV-3220022002 Johnford SV-32 Fanuc 18M15035MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
KDMKTM 12/1620122012 KDM KTM 12/16 Fanuc 32iA13903BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-MILLING and ATC
King46"  King 46" 14331BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
King52"19421942 King 52" 14332BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
KingstonKMT-5V20062006 Kingston KMT-5V 12195MILLERS, UNIVERSAL
KiraKN-40 HB20072007 Kira KN-40 HB Fanuc 21MB15262MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
KitagawaB-20620082008 Kitagawa B-206 14053CHUCKS
KitakoMT4-17019911991 Kitako MT4-170 Fanuc 6T15839LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, CHUCKER
KitamuraH-40019951995 Kitamura H-400 Fanuc 15M14321MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
KitamuraH-40019981998 Kitamura H-400 Fanuc 15MB14535MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
KitamuraMycenter-1 APC20002000 Kitamura Mycenter-1 APC Yasnac i8013702MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS
KitamuraMycenter-1 APC20002000 Kitamura Mycenter-1 APC Yasnac i80MB15109MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS
KitamuraMycenter-219821982 Kitamura Mycenter-2 Fanuc 6M15271MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
KitamuraMycenter-219901990 Kitamura Mycenter-2 Fanuc OM15037MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
KitamuraMycenter-2B19861986 Kitamura Mycenter-2B Fanuc 11M15022MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
KitamuraMycenter-419921992 Kitamura Mycenter-4 Yasnac i80M15038MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
KitamuraMycenter-4X19971997 Kitamura Mycenter-4X Yasnac i80M12514MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
KitamuraMycenter-4Xi20002000 Kitamura Mycenter-4Xi Fanuc 16i15468MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS
Koike AronsonMastergraph 3100 DS20002000 Koike Aronson Mastergraph 3100 DS Koike K2P0-001013933FLAME CUTTER, CNC
KurakiKBM-11A19981998 Kuraki KBM-11A Fanuc 16M14795BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
KurakiKBT-1120082008 Kuraki KBT-11 Fanuc 16iMB15616BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
KurakiKBT-1320092009 Kuraki KBT-13 Fanuc 16iMB15615BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
KurakiKBT-15 BDX19981998 Kuraki KBT-15 BDX Fanuc 15M15010BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
KurakiKHM-12519971997 Kuraki KHM-125 Fanuc 16M13917MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
LeadwellLTC-20 CPL19951995 Leadwell LTC-20 CPL Fanuc OT14953LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
LeadwellLTC-30 CPL19951995 Leadwell LTC-30 CPL Fanuc OT14050LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Leblond-MakinoFNC-125 LA-2419961996 Leblond-Makino FNC-125 LA-24 Fanuc OMC14803MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
Lodge and Shipley60T19601960 Lodge and Shipley 60T 15824LATHES, T TYPE
Lodge and ShipleyProfiturn 4019971997 Lodge and Shipley Profiturn 40 Fanuc 18T13709LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Lodge and ShipleyProfiturn 50-12  Lodge and Shipley Profiturn 50-12 Fanuc OT13593LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Lucas441B4819571957 Lucas 441B48 Delta Dynapath 2013305BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE
MakinoA-5120082008 Makino A-51 Fanuc Pro 515658MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
MakinoA-51 NX20142014 Makino A-51 NX Fanuc Pro 5 (Fanuc 31i)15521MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
MakinoA-51 NX20142014 Makino A-51 NX Fanuc Pro 5 (Fanuc 31i)15959MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
MascoBridgemax20012001 Masco Bridgemax Fanuc 16i7624MACHINING CENTERS, GANTRY TYPE, NC-CNC
MatsuuraHPlus-40520132013 Matsuura HPlus-405 Fanuc 30i15345MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
MatsuuraRA-II19951995 Matsuura RA-II Yasnac i8013194MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS
Mattison42"19801980 Mattison 42" 13625GRINDERS, SURFACE, ROTARY TYPE, VERT. SPDL
MattisonModel 4819661966 Mattison Model 48 13618GRINDERS, SURFACE, ROTARY TYPE, VERT. SPDL
MazakFH-580020002000 Mazak FH-5800 Mazatrol Fusion 640 M14865MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
MazakH-40019901990 Mazak H-400 Mazatrol M-32B11053MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
MazakH-400 - 40N19941994 Mazak H-400 - 40N Mazatrol M-3215950MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
MazakH-80019881988 Mazak H-800 Mazatrol M-32A15011MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
MazakH-90º Live Holder  Mazak H-90º Live Holder 12915MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS
MazakIntegrex 200 II SY20012001 Mazak Integrex 200 II SY Mazatrol Fusion 640 MT15398LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
MazakIntegrex 200 III ST20032003 Mazak Integrex 200 III ST Mazatrol Fusion 640 MT13819LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
MazakIntegrex 200 III ST20032003 Mazak Integrex 200 III ST Mazatrol Fusion Pro15391LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
MazakIntegrex 70 Y / 300019991999 Mazak Integrex 70 Y / 3000 Mazatrol Fusion 640 T14134LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
MazakM-520072007 Mazak M-5 Mazatrol Fusion 640 T14372LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
MazakM-5 BB - 200020062006 Mazak M-5 BB - 2000 Mazatrol Fusion 640 T14560LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
MazakMultiplex 6200 Y20042004 Mazak Multiplex 6200 Y Mazatrol Fusion 640 T14502LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
MazakPowermaster 150019811981 Mazak Powermaster 1500 Fanuc 6TB14658LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
MazakQuick Turn Nexus-200 II20072007 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus-200 II Mazatrol Matrix15376LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
MazakQuick Turn Nexus-250 II20142014 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus-250 II Mazatrol Matrix II15755LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
MazakQuick Turn Nexus-250 MS20042004 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus-250 MS Mazatrol Fusion 640 Pro15821LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
MazakQuick Turn Nexus-250 MS20052005 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus-250 MS Mazatrol Fusion 640 T15902LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
MazakQuick Turn Nexus-250 MS II20142014 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus-250 MS II Mazatrol Matrix15739LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
MazakQuick Turn Nexus-350 M20052005 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus-350 M Mazatrol Fusion 640 T15912LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
MazakQuick Turn Nexus-350 M20052005 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus-350 M Mazatrol Fusion 640 T15913LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
MazakQuick Turn Nexus-400 II20082008 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus-400 II Mazatrol Matrix15214LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
MazakQuick Turn Nexus-450 M II20132013 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus-450 M II Mazatrol Matrix15756LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
MazakQuick Turn-20 HP19951995 Mazak Quick Turn-20 HP Mazatrol T-PLUS14368LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
MazakQuick Turn-20019981998 Mazak Quick Turn-200 Mazatrol Fusion 640 T15903LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
MazakSlant Turn Nexus-50 - 300020082008 Mazak Slant Turn Nexus-50 - 3000 Mazatrol Fusion 640 T15702LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
MazakSlant Turn Nexus-55020122012 Mazak Slant Turn Nexus-550 Mazatrol Matrix Nexus II15657LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
MazakSlant Turn Nexus-550 M20122012 Mazak Slant Turn Nexus-550 M Mazatrol Matrix Nexus II15668LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
MazakSlant Turn-8020032003 Mazak Slant Turn-80 Mazatrol Fusion 640 T13781LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
MazakSlant Turn-80 - 300019971997 Mazak Slant Turn-80 - 3000 Mazatrol T-Plus15555LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
MazakSuper Quick Turn-200 MS19991999 Mazak Super Quick Turn-200 MS Mazatrol Fusion 640 T15279LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
MazakSuper Quick Turn-200 MY20002000 Mazak Super Quick Turn-200 MY Mazatrol Fusion 640 T15210LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
MazakSuper Quick Turn-250 MSY20042004 Mazak Super Quick Turn-250 MSY Mazatrol Fusion 640 MT15747LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
MazakSuper Quick Turn-250 MSY20042004 Mazak Super Quick Turn-250 MSY Mazatrol Fusion 640 MT15820LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
MazakSuper Quick Turn-300 MY20042004 Mazak Super Quick Turn-300 MY Mazatrol Fusion 640 T14819LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
MazakTurbo X-48 Champion19951995 Mazak Turbo X-48 Champion Mazatrol L-32B15128LASERS OR PLASMA
MazakV-41419941994 Mazak V-414 Mazatrol M-32B15858MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
MazakVQC-15-4019891989 Mazak VQC-15-40 Mazatrol M-3215190MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
MazakVTC-200 / 5020022002 Mazak VTC-200 / 50 Mazatrol Fusion 640 M13382MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
MazakVTC-300B20022002 Mazak VTC-300B Mazatrol Fusion 640M15520MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
MidacoSeries S50 SD19991999 Midaco Series S50 SD 13651PALLET CHANGER, AUTOMATIC
Mighty ViperVMC-1270 A20032003 Mighty Viper VMC-1270 A Mitsubishi Magic 6414003MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
MilltronicsML-24 - 8020022002 Milltronics ML-24 - 80 Centurion 6T14924LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
MilltronicsPartner II19921992 Milltronics Partner II Centurion V14617MILLERS, KNEE, NC and CNC
MilltronicsRH-2020022002 Milltronics RH-20 Centurion 615486MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
MilltronicsRH-3520062006 Milltronics RH-35 Centurion 715765MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
Mitsubishi120 MJII19951995 Mitsubishi 120 MJII Mach VI12613INJECTION MOLDING, HORIZONTAL-VERTICAL
MitsubishiDWC-200H19891989 Mitsubishi DWC-200H Mitsubishi15272EDM - WIRE, CNC
Mitsui-SeikiHJ-100A19991999 Mitsui-Seiki HJ-100A Fanuc 15M13970MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mitsui-SeikiHS-6A19961996 Mitsui-Seiki HS-6A Fanuc 15M13602MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mitsui-SeikiJIDIC-H6C19931993 Mitsui-Seiki JIDIC-H6C Fanuc 15M13971MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
MitutoyoB-70619901990 Mitutoyo B-706 12405COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINES
MitutoyoFN-90519871987 Mitutoyo FN-905 15829COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINES
Monarch25N19521952 Monarch 25N 14616LATHES, ENGINE
MonarchVMC-150B19911991 Monarch VMC-150B Fanuc 15M15451MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS
MonarchVMC-5020072007 Monarch VMC-50 Fanuc 18i15447MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS
MonarchVMC-75B19961996 Monarch VMC-75B Fanuc 16M15036MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
MorandoVLN-1420002000 Morando VLN-14 Siemens 840C15898BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATC
Mori-SeikiCL-200B19981998 Mori-Seiki CL-200B MSC-803L15645LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER
Mori-SeikiDL-2019971997 Mori-Seiki DL-20 Fanuc 16T15039LATHES, CNC, OPPOSING SPINDLES
Mori-SeikiDL-20 MC19971997 Mori-Seiki DL-20 MC Fanuc 16T14239LATHES, CNC, OPPOSING SPINDLES
Mori-SeikiDLL-150019761976 Mori-Seiki DLL-1500 Machine Mate12605LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER
Mori-SeikiDuraturn 203020142014 Mori-Seiki Duraturn 2030 Fanuc OiTD15742LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiDuraturn 205020092009 Mori-Seiki Duraturn 2050 Mori-Seiki MSC-504 III15539LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiDuraturn 255020082008 Mori-Seiki Duraturn 2550 Mori-Seiki MSC-50415695LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiDuraVertical 103520122012 Mori-Seiki DuraVertical 1035 Mori-Seiki M730 BM15052MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
Mori-SeikiDuraVertical 510020072007 Mori-Seiki DuraVertical 5100 Mori-Seiki MSX-50415806MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
Mori-SeikiFrontier M119951995 Mori-Seiki Frontier M1 Mori-Seiki MSG-50115402MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
Mori-SeikiLive Tool Holders20082008 Mori-Seiki Live Tool Holders 12263MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS
Mori-SeikiM-300L19991999 Mori-Seiki M-300L Fanuc MF-M614105MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS
Mori-SeikiMH-100320002000 Mori-Seiki MH-1003 Fanuc MSG-50215157MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiMH-6319961996 Mori-Seiki MH-63 Fanuc 16MA15263MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiMH-630 Pallet19981998 Mori-Seiki MH-630 Pallet 15887MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS
Mori-SeikiMT-200020042004 Mori-Seiki MT-2000 Mori-Seiki MSX-501 (Fanuc 18iT)15826LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
Mori-SeikiMT-2000 SZ20012001 Mori-Seiki MT-2000 SZ Mori-Seiki MSX-501 (Fanuc 18iT)15504LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
Mori-SeikiMT-2000 SZ20022002 Mori-Seiki MT-2000 SZ Mori-Seiki MSG-501TA (Fanuc 18iT)15605LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
Mori-SeikiMV-55-5019851985 Mori-Seiki MV-55-50 Yasnac MX-115329MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
Mori-SeikiNH-4000 - 40 DCG20082008 Mori-Seiki NH-4000 - 40 DCG Mori-Seiki MSX-701 III15916MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiNH-4000 - 40 DCG20082008 Mori-Seiki NH-4000 - 40 DCG Mori-Seiki MSX-701 III15936MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiNH-4000 - 40 DCG20092009 Mori-Seiki NH-4000 - 40 DCG Mori-Seiki MSX-701 III15867MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiNH-4000 - 40 DCG20092009 Mori-Seiki NH-4000 - 40 DCG Mori-Seiki MSX-501 (Fanuc 18iM)15915MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiNH-4000 - 40 DCG20102010 Mori-Seiki NH-4000 - 40 DCG Mori-Seiki MSX-701 III15914MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiNH-5000 - 40 DCG20102010 Mori-Seiki NH-5000 - 40 DCG Mori-Seiki MSX-701M IV15070MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiNH-6300 DCG20062006 Mori-Seiki NH-6300 DCG Mori-Seiki MSX-501 (Fanuc 18iM)15703MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiNHX-4000 - 4020112011 Mori-Seiki NHX-4000 - 40 Mori-Seiki M730 BM15869MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiNHX-500020122012 Mori-Seiki NHX-5000 Mori-Seiki M730BM15528MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiNHX-5000 - 4020142014 Mori-Seiki NHX-5000 - 40 Mori-Seiki M730BM15851MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiNHX-5000-4020122012 Mori-Seiki NHX-5000-40 Mori-Seiki M730BM15920MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiNL-1500 SY - 50020042004 Mori-Seiki NL-1500 SY - 500 Mori-Seiki MSX-85015814LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
Mori-SeikiNL-1500 Y20122012 Mori-Seiki NL-1500 Y Mori-Seiki M720BM15644LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
Mori-SeikiNL-2500 - 70020052005 Mori-Seiki NL-2500 - 700 Mori-Seiki MSX-850 III15433LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiNL-2500 SY - 70020072007 Mori-Seiki NL-2500 SY - 700 Mori-Seiki MSX-850 III15870LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
Mori-SeikiNL-2500 Y - 70020102010 Mori-Seiki NL-2500 Y - 700 Mori-Seiki MSX-850 III15873LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
Mori-SeikiNL-3000 - 200020072007 Mori-Seiki NL-3000 - 2000 Mori-Seiki MSX-850 III13962LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiNL-3000 - 70020062006 Mori-Seiki NL-3000 - 700 Mori-Seiki MSX-850 III14897LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiNL-3000 MC - 70020052005 Mori-Seiki NL-3000 MC - 700 Mori-Seiki MSX-85015825LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
Mori-SeikiNLX-250020112011 Mori-Seiki NLX-2500 Mitsubishi 730MB15693LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiNLX-2500 SY - 70020122012 Mori-Seiki NLX-2500 SY - 700 Mori-Seiki M-730 BM15917LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
Mori-SeikiNV-5000A - 4020072007 Mori-Seiki NV-5000A - 40 Mori-Seiki MSX-501 (Fanuc 18iM)15836MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
Mori-SeikiNZ-1500 T2 Y220102010 Mori-Seiki NZ-1500 T2 Y2 Mori-Seiki MSX-711 IV15656LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
Mori-SeikiSH-40019961996 Mori-Seiki SH-400 Mori-Seiki MSG-51815827MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiSH-40320002000 Mori-Seiki SH-403 Mori-Seiki MSG-50114423MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiSH-63020022002 Mori-Seiki SH-630 Fanuc 16M15226MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiSH-800020012001 Mori-Seiki SH-8000 Fanuc 18iMA14352MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Mori-SeikiSL-204 MC20012001 Mori-Seiki SL-204 MC Mitsubishi MSG-80313173LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
Mori-SeikiSL-25 B / 50019931993 Mori-Seiki SL-25 B / 500 Moric MF-T6 (Fanuc 16T)14133LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiSL-3H19861986 Mori-Seiki SL-3H Yasnac LX-214600LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiSL-400 B - 80019971997 Mori-Seiki SL-400 B - 800 Mori-Seiki MSC-518 (Fanuc 18T)14638LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiSL-403C - 200020072007 Mori-Seiki SL-403C - 2000 Mori-Seiki MSX-500 II15717LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiSL-45C19941994 Mori-Seiki SL-45C Fanuc 16T15455LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiSL-600 BMC - 100020002000 Mori-Seiki SL-600 BMC - 1000 Mori-Seiki MSC-501 (Fanuc 21)15729LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
Mori-SeikiSL-600 CMC - 100019981998 Mori-Seiki SL-600 CMC - 1000 Mori-Seiki MSC-501 (Fanuc 21)15828LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
Mori-SeikiSL-603 B - 200020062006 Mori-Seiki SL-603 B - 2000 Mori-Seiki MSx-501 III15704LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiSL-65A19961996 Mori-Seiki SL-65A Fanuc MF-T6 (Fanuc 16T)13045LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiSL-65A19961996 Mori-Seiki SL-65A Mori-Seiki MSC-516 (Fanuc 16T)15811LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiSL-6A19861986 Mori-Seiki SL-6A Fanuc 11TC15932LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiSL-75 B19981998 Mori-Seiki SL-75 B Fanuc 16T15810LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Mori-SeikiSL-80B19901990 Mori-Seiki SL-80B Fanuc 15TA15573LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER
Mori-SeikiSL-8F19841984 Mori-Seiki SL-8F Fanuc 21T13502LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER
MultiCam1-10319991999 MultiCam 1-103 MultiCam12141ROUTERS, NC and CNC
Nakamura-TomeSC-45019981998 Nakamura-Tome SC-450 Fanuc 21T14782LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
Nakamura-TomeTMC-40019941994 Nakamura-Tome TMC-400 Fanuc 16T15957LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
Nakamura-TomeWT-150 MMY20052005 Nakamura-Tome WT-150 MMY Fanuc 18iTB15918LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
Nakamura-TomeWT-300 MMY20052005 Nakamura-Tome WT-300 MMY Fanuc 18iTB12637LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
Natco 19811981 Natco 9869DRILLS, H.D. and SENSITIVE, MULTI SPINDLE
NiigataHN-630C19921992 Niigata HN-630C Fanuc 15M15074MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
NiigataHN-80FC19921992 Niigata HN-80FC Fanuc 15M12857MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
NiigataSPN-5019961996 Niigata SPN-50 Fanuc 16M15940MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
Okuma2SP-150H20072007 Okuma 2SP-150H OSP-P200L14787LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER
OkumaCaptain L-37020062006 Okuma Captain L-370 OSP-P100L15983LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
OkumaCaptain L-370 BB20062006 Okuma Captain L-370 BB OSP-P200L15972LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
OkumaCaptain L-370 MW BB20032003 Okuma Captain L-370 MW BB OSP-E100L15923LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
OkumaCaptain L-370 W BB20042004 Okuma Captain L-370 W BB OSP-E100L15377LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, W-SUB-SPINDLE
OkumaCaptain L-470 BB - 125020082008 Okuma Captain L-470 BB - 1250 OSP-P200L15949LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
OkumaES-L10 II Heritage20062006 Okuma ES-L10 II Heritage OSP-U10L14262LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
OkumaGA-4419921992 Okuma GA-44 OSP-5020G11052GRINDERS, CYLINDRICAL, NC and CNC
OkumaGenos L-200 EM20112011 Okuma Genos L-200 EM OSP-P200L15761LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
OkumaGenos L-300 M20152015 Okuma Genos L-300 M OSP-P200L15649LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
OkumaGenos L-300E MY20152015 Okuma Genos L-300E MY OSP-P200L15982LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
OkumaGenos M-560-V20152015 Okuma Genos M-560-V OSP-P300M15945MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
OkumaHMC Pallets19861986 Okuma HMC Pallets 15524MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS
OkumaLB-15 II BB19961996 Okuma LB-15 II BB OSP-5020L15527LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER
OkumaLB-2000 EX II M20152015 Okuma LB-2000 EX II M OSP-P300L15834LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
OkumaLB-3000 EX BB MW20102010 Okuma LB-3000 EX BB MW OSP-P200LA15770LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
OkumaLB-3000 II EX20132013 Okuma LB-3000 II EX OSP-P300L15359LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
OkumaLB-3000 II EX20162016 Okuma LB-3000 II EX OSP-P300L15648LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
OkumaLB-35 II BB 150020062006 Okuma LB-35 II BB 1500 OSP-P100L14476LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
OkumaLB-35 II SBB C - 200020122012 Okuma LB-35 II SBB C - 2000 OSP-P200LA15653LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
OkumaLB-4000 EX BB Space Turn20122012 Okuma LB-4000 EX BB Space Turn OSP-P200L15667LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
OkumaLB-4000 EX MY 75020092009 Okuma LB-4000 EX MY 750 OSP-P200L15722LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
OkumaLB-4000 EX MY Space Turn20082008 Okuma LB-4000 EX MY Space Turn OSP-P200L15793LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
OkumaLB-45 M 100019971997 Okuma LB-45 M 1000 Fanuc MF-T615727LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING
OkumaLT-300 M20042004 Okuma LT-300 M OSP-E100L15832LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
OkumaLU-15 2SC19941994 Okuma LU-15 2SC OSP-5020L13969LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
OkumaLU-15 M Impact19971997 Okuma LU-15 M Impact OSP-7000L14480LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING
OkumaLU-15 MW BB19971997 Okuma LU-15 MW BB OSP-7000L14472LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE
OkumaMC V-402020032003 Okuma MC V-4020 OSP-E100L15951MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
OkumaMX-55 VA19981998 Okuma MX-55 VA OSP-700M14836MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
Okuma and HowaACT-35L19961996 Okuma and Howa ACT-35L Fanuc 18T14118LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
O-M Ltd.Omega 6019971997 O-M Ltd. Omega 60 Fanuc 18T14252BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATC
ONAPD-4 120 S119971997 ONA PD-4 120 S1 Datic14938EDM - RAM, CNC
PhoenixVTMC-570020062006 Phoenix VTMC-5700 Fanuc 18iT15127BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-MILLING and ATC
PorebaTR-155 B320042004 Poreba TR-155 B3 15416LATHES, ENGINE
PorebaTRP-9320072007 Poreba TRP-93 15417LATHES, ENGINE
Putman108" x 391"  Putman 108" x 391" 15297LATHES, ENGINE
RambaudiRammatic 14001990/051990/05 Rambaudi Rammatic 1400 Siemens 802D11051MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
RambaudiRam-Matic 80019811981 Rambaudi Ram-Matic 800 Fidia WS3214954MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC, MULTI SPINDLE
RoundoR-13-S19961996 Roundo R-13-S 11322ROLLS, ANGLE BENDING
Ryazan1M63B - 300019931993 Ryazan 1M63B - 3000 14917LATHES, ENGINE
Samchully16C20082008 Samchully 16C 14507CHUCKS
SamchullyHS-0620082008 Samchully HS-06 14054CHUCKS
SamsungSL-30A - 100020082008 Samsung SL-30A - 1000 Fanuc OiTC15500LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
SheffieldDiscovery II D-1220012001 Sheffield Discovery II D-12 15892COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINES
SMWAutoBlok BB400‐11520082008 SMW AutoBlok BB400‐115 13557CHUCKS
SMWAutoBlok BB400‐14020082008 SMW AutoBlok BB400‐140 13556CHUCKS
SNKPM-6B Profiler19991999 SNK PM-6B Profiler Fanuc 15M11050MACHINING CENTERS, GANTRY TYPE, NC-CNC
SodickAQ 537L20102010 Sodick AQ 537L Sodick LQ33W15893EDM - WIRE, CNC
SodickAQ 537L20102010 Sodick AQ 537L Sodick LQ33W15894EDM - WIRE, CNC
Suburban ToolMV-1419891989 Suburban Tool MV-14 14045COMPARATORS
SuperiorForce 400020042004 Superior Force 4000 11138SAWS, SLAB
TakangLD 50 x 415020072007 Takang LD 50 x 4150 Fanuc OiTC14241LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
TanakaLMX V30-TF6000B20032003 Tanaka LMX V30-TF6000B Fanuc 16iL12064LASERS OR PLASMA
TarnowTUJ19741974 Tarnow TUJ 15503LATHES, ENGINE
TechniIntec 51020142014 Techni Intec 510 Technicut15480WATER JET CUTTING, CNC
ThermcraftSplit Tube Furnace20042004 Thermcraft Split Tube Furnace 15298FURNACES, TUBE TYPE
Timesaver237-1M19861986 Timesaver 237-1M 14960GRINDERS, BELT
TosSK-1619731973 Tos SK-16 13155BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
TosW-100A1994-20161994-2016 Tos W-100A 15020BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE
Toshiba78"  Toshiba 78" 14802BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
ToshibaBMC-50019971997 Toshiba BMC-500 Tosnuc 80010807MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
ToshibaBP-150.R2220132013 Toshiba BP-150.R22 Tosnuc 99914985BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
ToshibaBP-150.R2220152015 Toshiba BP-150.R22 Tosnuc 99915622BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
ToshibaBTD-110 R-1619961996 Toshiba BTD-110 R-16 Tosnuc 88814792BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
ToshibaBTD-11B19921992 Toshiba BTD-11B Tosnuc 777-213153BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC and NC
ToshibaBTD-13.FR2219971997 Toshiba BTD-13.FR22 Tosnuc 88814293BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
ToshibaBTH-110.R1820062006 Toshiba BTH-110.R18 Tosnuc 88813737BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
ToshibaBTH-130.R2420092009 Toshiba BTH-130.R24 Tosnuc 99913736BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
ToshibaMPF-214019991999 Toshiba MPF-2140 Tosnuc 88811648MACHINING CENTERS, GANTRY TYPE, NC-CNC
ToshibaTMC-131985/20111985/2011 Toshiba TMC-13 Fanuc 32Ti11017BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-MILLING and ATC
ToshibaTSN-16 A19821982 Toshiba TSN-16 A Fanuc 6T14694BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATC
Toshiba (Shibaura)TX-1319811981 Toshiba (Shibaura) TX-13 11785BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
Tos-HostivarBHU-40A19801980 Tos-Hostivar BHU-40A 15847GRINDERS, CYLINDRICAL UNIVERSAL
Tos-HostivarBUAJ 28-63019901990 Tos-Hostivar BUAJ 28-630 15904GRINDERS, CYLINDRICAL UNIVERSAL
ToyodaFA-550 II19981998 Toyoda FA-550 II Fanuc 15MB14422MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
ToyodaFA-63020052005 Toyoda FA-630 Fanuc 16iMB15060MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
ToyodaFA-63020072007 Toyoda FA-630 Fanuc 16iMA15749MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
ToyodaFA-80020172017 Toyoda FA-800 Fanuc 31iMB15609MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
ToyodaFH-1250 SX2009-20112009-2011 Toyoda FH-1250 SX Fanuc 310iA15726MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
ToyodaFH-550 R20082008 Toyoda FH-550 R Fanuc 31iA13882MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
ToyodaFH-550 S20052005 Toyoda FH-550 S Fanuc 31iA15062MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC
ToyodaFV-148020092009 Toyoda FV-1480 Fanuc 18iMB14261MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
TrumpfTruMark 500020122012 Trumpf TruMark 5000 12197LASERS OR PLASMA
TsudakomaTN-32020122012 Tsudakoma TN-320 15552TABLES, ROTARY
TsugamiVA1-II20142014 Tsugami VA1-II Fanuc OiMD15158MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
UnionBFP-130-519801980 Union BFP-130-5 15953BORING MILLS, HORIZ, FLOOR TYPE
UnionBFT-12519781978 Union BFT-125 14377BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE
UnionBFT-125-51975-19901975-1990 Union BFT-125-5 Fanuc OMC14594BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC and NC
UnionCBFK-1501998/20021998/2002 Union CBFK-150 Fanuc 16MA11143BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
VanguardCA-6350A20062006 Vanguard CA-6350A 15748LATHES, ENGINE
VDFU1270S1980/20131980/2013 VDF U1270S Fagor 805513713LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
WalterHelitronic 4519931993 Walter Helitronic 45 Walter HMC 30013881GRINDERS, TOOL and CUTTER, NC-CNC
Warner and Swasey2SC-25 M450019911991 Warner and Swasey 2SC-25 M4500 GE 105013975LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, CHUCKER
Warner and Swasey4A M-355019621962 Warner and Swasey 4A M-3550 15406LATHES, TURRET - SADDLE TYPE
Webster and Bennett48"19601960 Webster and Bennett 48" 14259BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
Webster and Bennett72"1970-20101970-2010 Webster and Bennett 72" MachineMate15623BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
Webster and Bennett72"19741974 Webster and Bennett 72" 14698BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL
WhacheonWL-72019861986 Whacheon WL-720 15319LATHES, ENGINE
WotanB-13019841984 Wotan B-130 15934BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE
WotanB-75 / 10519821982 Wotan B-75 / 105 MS Tech CNC14430BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC and NC
WotanCutmax II19991999 Wotan Cutmax II Heidenhain TNC-42614989BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC
Wysong7-144  Wysong 7-144 14915SHEARS, MECHANICAL
WysongXCH-250-12020022002 Wysong XCH-250-120 14181BRAKES, PRESS, HYDRAULIC
Yama SeikiAV-100020122012 Yama Seiki AV-1000 Fanuc OiMD15160MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC
YCMGT-200A20082008 YCM GT-200A Fanuc TXP-100e15966LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL
You JiVTL-1000 ATC20082008 You Ji VTL-1000 ATC Fanuc OiTC15161BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATC
You JiYV-1200 ATC20062006 You Ji YV-1200 ATC Fanuc 18iTB13285BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-MILLING and ATC
You JiYV-1200 ATC20082008 You Ji YV-1200 ATC Fanuc 18iTB15125BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-MILLING and ATC
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